No. Address Name Teleport
0x00 C000 The Off Licence 9
0x01 C100 The Bridge 19
0x02 C200 Under the MegaTree 29
0x03 C300 At the Foot of the MegaTree 129
0x04 C400 The Drive 39
0x05 C500 The Security Guard 139
0x06 C600 Entrance to Hades 239
0x07 C700 Cuckoo's Nest 1239
0x08 C800 Inside the MegaTrunk 49
0x09 C900 On a Branch Over the Drive 149
0x0A CA00 The Front Door 249
0x0B CB00 The Hall 1249
0x0C CC00 Tree Top 349
0x0D CD00 Out on a limb 1349
0x0E CE00 Rescue Esmerelda 2349
0x0F CF00 I'm sure I've seen this before.. 12349
0x10 D000 We must perform a Quirkafleeg 59
0x11 D100 Up on the Battlements 159
0x12 D200 On the Roof 259
0x13 D300 The Forgotten Abbey 1259
0x14 D400 Ballroom East 359
0x15 D500 Ballroom West 1359
0x16 D600 To the Kitchens    Main Stairway 2359
0x17 D700 The Kitchen 12359
0x18 D800 West of Kitchen 459
0x19 D900 Cold Store 1459
0x1A DA00 East Wall Base 2459
0x1B DB00 The Chapel 12459
0x1C DC00 First Landing 3459
0x1D DD00 The Nightmare Room 13459
0x1E DE00 The Banyan Tree 23459
0x1F DF00 Swimming Pool 123459
0x20 E000 Halfway up the East Wall 69
0x21 E100 The Bathroom 169
0x22 E200 Top Landing 269
0x23 E300 Master Bedroom 1269
0x24 E400 A bit of tree 369
0x25 E500 Orangery 1369
0x26 E600 Priests' Hole 2369
0x27 E700 Emergency Generator 12369
0x28 E800 Dr Jones will never believe this 469
0x29 E900 The Attic 1469
0x2A EA00 Under the Roof 2469
0x2B EB00 Conservatory Roof 12469
0x2C EC00 On top of the house 3469
0x2D ED00 Under the Drive 13469
0x2E EE00 Tree Root 23469
0x2F EF00 [ 123469
0x30 F000 Nomen Luni 569
0x31 F100 The Wine Cellar 1569
0x32 F200 Watch Tower 2569
0x33 F300 Tool  Shed 12569
0x34 F400 Back Stairway 3569
0x35 F500 Back Door 13569
0x36 F600 West  Wing 23569
0x37 F700 West Bedroom 123569
0x38 F800 West Wing Roof 4569
0x39 F900 Above the West Bedroom 14569
0x3A FA00 The Beach 24569
0x3B FB00 The Yacht 124569
0x3C FC00 The Bow 34569