No code sheet required
To make any combination work on the code entry screen:
POKE 34483,195
Alternatively, to bypass the code entry screen altogether:
POKE 33797,135: POKE 33800,202
Start in any room
To start the game in room N (normally 0x21: The Bathroom):
POKE 34795,N
For a list of all the rooms and their numbers, see the Rooms page.
The default start location, (13,20), may not be suitable, depending on the room chosen; to change Willy's start location to (y,x):
POKE 34790,y*16
POKE 34800,32*(y-8*INT(y/8))+x
POKE 34801,92+INT(y/8)
For example, to start at (6,28) in room 0x19 (Cold Store):
POKE 34795,25
POKE 34790,96
POKE 34800,220
POKE 34801,92
Gentle guardians
To enable Willy to walk through (or rather, behind) guardians with impunity:
POKE 37392,0
Nice nasties
To enable Willy to survive contact with nasties:
POKE 38447,201
Agreeable arrows
To enable Willy to survive contact with arrows:
POKE 37505,24
Harmless heights
To enable Willy to survive a fall from any height:
POKE 36578,16
No conveyors
To enable Willy to walk freely in any direction on conveyors:
POKE 36601,0
Deal with Maria
To get rid of Maria entirely, leaving the bedroom free to enter without collecting any items:
POKE 38207,24
Or if that makes things a little too easy, try the following POKE that gets rid of Maria after N items have been collected:
POKE 41983,256-N (1<=N<=83)
Exactly which N items need to be collected is determined by the item table at A400. When N=1, the only item that needs to be collected is the one in The Bathroom.
Cheat mode cheat
To activate the WRITETYPER cheat mode immediately (without having to type WRITETYPER in First Landing):
POKE 34275,10
For a list of all the rooms and their teleport codes, see the Rooms page.
More lives
To start the game with N lives remaining (0<=N<=255; normally N=7):
POKE 34785,N
Note that the routine at 898B tries to draw all remaining lives at the bottom of the screen, which means that for large N, there is screen corruption and the game slows down considerably; to avoid this, disable the routine:
POKE 35211,201
Infinite lives
To give Willy infinite lives:
POKE 35899,0
Infinite time
To stop the clock and give Willy infinite time to complete his task:
POKE 35408,24
The official Software Projects POKEs
When it became clear that the Attic bug was actually a bug and not a feature, Software Projects published some POKEs to fix it and some other problems with the game:
POKE 60231,0
POKE 42183,11
POKE 59901,82
POKE 56876,4
The first POKE (60231,0) removes a nasty from Conservatory Roof, which makes it possible to collect the otherwise uncollectable item on the far right:
The second POKE (A4C7,11) moves the unreachable invisible item at (3,26) in First Landing to the same coordinates in The Hall (where it is still invisible, but now reachable).
The third POKE (59901,82) fixes the misplaced arrow in The Attic by setting its pixel y-coordinate to 41.
The fourth POKE (56876,4) replaces a wall block with a floor block in The Banyan Tree, which makes it possible to access the room above (A bit of tree) from the right-hand side (which in turn makes it possible to reach the otherwise inaccessible items in Conservatory Roof via the ledge on the lower left in Under the Roof):