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8400: The game has just loaded
After the game has loaded, this is where it all starts.
8400 DI Disable interrupts
8401 LD HL,$5BFF Place the address of the routine at 869F on the stack
8404 LD (HL),$86
8406 DEC HL
8407 LD (HL),$9F
8409 LD SP,$5BFE
840C SUB A Set HL=8500 in a roundabout way
840D LD L,A
840E XOR $0A
8410 LD B,A
8411 INC B
8412 LD H,B
8413 RRC H
8415 LD C,(HL) Read through addresses 8500-FFFF, without changing their contents; perhaps this code was once used to descramble the contents of pages 0x85-0xFF, but now all it does is introduce a pause of about 0.47s before displaying the code entry screen
8416 LD A,L
8417 XOR C
8418 XOR H
8419 LD (HL),C
841B BIT 7,H
841D JR NZ,$8415
841F RET Make an indirect jump to 869F
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