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F02B: Main loop
F02B CALL $F000 Close any doors that need closing, decrement and check the blown fuse delay counters, update the on-screen message if necessary, and increment the score and decrement Sam's cash supply at regular intervals
F02E CALL $F080 Update the icon panel, draw the bullets, and scan the event table at 5FE0
F031 CALL $F1FC Move the characters
F034 LD A,($7FFC) Pick up Sam's status flags from 7FFC
F037 AND A Is Sam in the middle of an action?
F038 JR Z,$F045 Jump if not
F03A CALL $74D8 Otherwise deal with Sam
F03D JR NZ,$F06D Jump if Sam has not finished the action yet
This entry point is used by the routines at 6152 and F0BE.
F03F LD HL,$0005 Reset Sam's main action timer and midstride/mid-action timer (in bytes 0x08 and 0x09 of his buffer) to 5 and 0 now that he's finished the action
F042 LD ($E608),HL
F045 LD HL,$E609 Collect Sam's midstride/mid-action timer from byte 0x09 of his buffer
F048 LD A,(HL)
F049 AND A Is Sam midstride or in the middle of a short action at the moment?
F04A JR NZ,$F069 Jump if so
F04C DEC L Point HL at Sam's main action timer in byte 0x08 of his buffer
F04D DEC (HL) Decrement it
F04E JR NZ,$F06D Jump unless it's time to check the keyboard
F050 LD (HL),$02 Reset Sam's main action timer to 2
F052 CALL $7996 Check for keypresses
F055 JR Z,$F06D Jump if there haven't been any
F057 LD ($7FFD),A Store the offset of the last keypress in 7FFD
F05A LD H,$ED Point HL at the appropriate entry in the table of keypress handling routines at ED00
F05D LD DE,$F06D Push the address F06D (see below) onto the stack so we return there after dealing with the keypress
F061 LD B,(HL) Copy the address of the routine for dealing with the keypress into BC
F062 DEC L
F063 LD C,(HL)
F064 PUSH BC Push this address onto the stack
F065 LD HL,$E600 Point HL at byte 0x00 of Sam's buffer
F068 RET Make an indirect jump to the relevant keypress-handling routine, and then return to F06D
Sam is midstride or in the middle of a short action (which involves raising his arm or bending his knees) at the moment.
F069 DEC (HL) Decrement Sam's midstride/mid-action timer in byte 0x09 of his buffer
F06A CALL Z,$EC7B If it's now zero, move Sam from the midstride/mid-action position, update the SRB, and scroll the screen if necessary
Now that Sam's movements have been dealt with, the main loop continues.
F06D CALL $EA80 Update the display
This next section of code ensures that we don't pass through the main loop more than once every 1/50th of a second.
F070 LD HL,$7FC8 HL=7FC8 (which holds the LSB of the system variable FRAMES as it was when the last pass through the main loop was completed)
F073 LD A,($5C78) A=LSB of the system variable FRAMES, which is incremented every 1/50th of a second
F076 SUB (HL) Now A=0 if FRAMES hasn't been incremented since the last pass through the main loop
F077 CP $01 Was FRAMES incremented?
F079 JR C,$F073 Jump back if not to check again
F07B ADD A,(HL) Store the current value of the LSB of FRAMES at 7FC8
F07C LD (HL),A
F07D JR $F02B Jump back to the start of the main loop
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