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F000: Perform various main loop tasks
Called from the main loop at F02B. Closes any doors that need closing, decrements and checks the blown fuse delay counters, updates the on-screen message if necessary, and increments the score and decrements Sam's cash supply at regular intervals.
F000 LD HL,$7FA9 The main loop task timer is at 7FA9
F003 DEC (HL) Decrement it
F004 LD A,(HL) Pick up the new value
F005 AND $07 Is the value 0 mod 8?
F007 JP Z,$F144 If so, close any doors that need closing
F00A CP $04 Is the value 4 mod 8?
F00C JP Z,$F404 If so, decrement and check the blown fuse delay counters
F00F CP $02 Is the value 2 mod 8?
F011 JP Z,$6EF4 If so, update the on-screen message if necessary
F014 CP $06 Is the value 6 mod 8?
F016 JP Z,$7AB6 If so, increment the score and decrement Sam's cash supply at regular intervals
F019 RET
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