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61440: Perform various main loop tasks
Called from the main loop at 61483. Closes any doors that need closing, decrements and checks the blown fuse delay counters, updates the on-screen message if necessary, and increments the score and decrements Sam's cash supply at regular intervals.
61440 LD HL,32681 The main loop task timer is at 32681
61443 DEC (HL) Decrement it
61444 LD A,(HL) Pick up the new value
61445 AND 7 Is the value 0 mod 8?
61447 JP Z,61764 If so, close any doors that need closing
61450 CP 4 Is the value 4 mod 8?
61452 JP Z,62468 If so, decrement and check the blown fuse delay counters
61455 CP 2 Is the value 2 mod 8?
61457 JP Z,28404 If so, update the on-screen message if necessary
61460 CP 6 Is the value 6 mod 8?
61462 JP Z,31414 If so, increment the score and decrement Sam's cash supply at regular intervals
61465 RET
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