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ED00: Addresses of keypress handling routines
Used by the main loop at F02B. Each non-zero entry in the keypress offset table at C330 points to a routine address in this table.
ED00 DEFW $ECD2 0x01: Up (fast)
ED02 DEFW $ECD7 0x03: Down (fast)
ED04 DEFW $ECDC 0x05: Right (fast)
ED06 DEFW $ECE1 0x07: Left (fast)
ED08 DEFW $ECD2 0x09: Up (slow)
ED0A DEFW $ECD7 0x0B: Down (slow)
ED0C DEFW $ECDC 0x0D: Right (slow)
ED0E DEFW $ECE1 0x0F: Left (slow)
ED10 DEFW $FADA 0x11: Change disguise
ED12 DEFW $F2F0 0x13: Knock
ED14 DEFW $7576 0x15: Light on/off
ED16 DEFW $758C 0x17: Raise/lower blind
ED18 DEFW $74AA 0x19: Fuse
ED1A DEFW $6FDB 0x1B: Toggle message speed
ED1C DEFW $6177 0x1D: Joystick
ED1E DEFW $76FA 0x1F: Telephone
ED20 DEFW $79E4 0x21: Get object
ED22 DEFW $7BE1 0x23: Use hook
ED24 DEFW $64B8 0x25: Forward roll
ED26 DEFW $64BD 0x27: Somersault
ED28 DEFW $F0B2 0x29: Unused
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