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74AA: 'F' pressed - fuse
The address of this routine is found in the table of keypress handling routines at ED00. It is called from the main loop at F02B when 'F' is pressed.
H 0xE6 (Sam)
74AA CALL $75A4 Is Sam standing next to a fuse that has not yet been blown?
74AD JR NZ,$74C3 Jump if not
74AF LD HL,$7FB6 7FB6 holds the fuse flags
74B2 LD A,(HL) Indicate that this fuse has been blown by setting the relevant flag
74B3 OR C
74B4 LD (HL),A
74B5 LD L,$A1 Point HL at the relevant blown fuse delay counter in the table at 7FA2
74B7 INC L
74B8 RRC C
74BA JR NC,$74B7
74BC LD (HL),$60 Initialise the delay counter
74BE CALL $F414 Switch off all the lights affected by the fuse
74C1 LD H,$E6 0xE6=Sam
74C3 JP $F304 Raise Sam's arm and make a sound effect
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