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29866: 'F' pressed - fuse
The address of this routine is found in the table of keypress handling routines at 60672. It is called from the main loop at 61483 when 'F' is pressed.
H 230 (Sam)
29866 CALL 30116 Is Sam standing next to a fuse that has not yet been blown?
29869 JR NZ,29891 Jump if not
29871 LD HL,32694 32694 holds the fuse flags
29874 LD A,(HL) Indicate that this fuse has been blown by setting the relevant flag
29875 OR C
29876 LD (HL),A
29877 LD L,161 Point HL at the relevant blown fuse delay counter in the table at 32674
29879 INC L
29880 RRC C
29882 JR NC,29879
29884 LD (HL),96 Initialise the delay counter
29886 CALL 62484 Switch off all the lights affected by the fuse
29889 LD H,230 230=Sam
29891 JP 62212 Raise Sam's arm and make a sound effect
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