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7FEB: Inventory flags
Used by the routine at 7C02. Bit set=got, bit reset=haven't.
Bit Item Set Reset Checked
0 Safe key 7854 5D63, 7854
1 Science Lab storeroom key 5DDC 5DDC, 73F1, 7615, 7A16
2 Frog 7BF5 7316 7316
3 Water pistol (with water if bit 4 reset) F2E2 5D37 5D37, 5D63, F99A
4 Water pistol with sherry 5D63 5D37 5D37, 5D63, F99A, FA4D
5 3 stinkbombs F2E2 F862
6 2 stinkbombs F2E2 F862
7 1 stinkbomb F2E2 F862 7140
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