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7BF5: Make ERIC catch the frog (if possible)
Used by the routine at 7B55. Adds the frog to ERIC's inventory and makes a sound effect if the frog is sitting (i.e. not airborne) at the spot in front of ERIC.
A Frog's animatory state (with bit 7 reset)
7BF5 CP $1C 0x1C: Is the frog sitting down?
7BF7 RET NZ Return if not (ERIC cannot catch an airborne frog)
7BF8 LD HL,$7FEB 7FEB holds the inventory flags
7BFB SET 2,(HL) Signal: got the frog
7BFD LD H,$D4 0xD4=frog
7BFF JP $7380 Print the inventory and make a sound effect
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