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7BEB: Update the SRB for ERIC or his pellet and scroll the screen if necessary
Used by the routine at 720A. Updates the screen refresh buffer (SRB) for ERIC's new animatory state and location when he's riding the bike, or ERIC's pellet's new location as it flies through the air.
A ERIC's/pellet's new animatory state
D ERIC's/pellet's new y-coordinate
E ERIC's/pellet's new x-coordinate
H Character number: 0xD2 (ERIC) or 0xD6 (ERIC's pellet)
7BEB CALL $6130 Update the animatory state and location of ERIC or his pellet and update the SRB
7BEE LD A,H A=character number
7BEF CP $D2 Is this ERIC?
7BF1 RET NZ Return if not
7BF2 JP $6E12 Scroll the screen if necessary
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