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7154: Make a walking sound effect (blue border)
Used by the routines at 55A0, 6DD2, 6E00, 6E38, 7386, F2E2, F3E6, FAF2 and FB03.
7154 PUSH BC
7155 LD A,$01 The border will be blue
This entry point is used by the routine at 53AB with A=0x06 (yellow border).
7157 LD C,$07 Initialise the sound effect duration counter
7159 XOR $10 Produce the sound effect
715B OUT ($FE),A
715D LD B,$C0
715F DJNZ $715F
7161 DEC C
7162 JR NZ,$7159
7164 POP BC
7165 RET
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