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5F1C: 'K' pressed - kiss
The address of this routine is found in the table of keypress handling routines at E550. It is called from the main loop at F6EA when 'K' is pressed.
A ERIC's animatory state
D ERIC's y-coordinate
E ERIC's x-coordinate
5F1C LD HL,$D100 Point HL at byte 0x00 of HAYLEY's buffer
5F1F XOR (HL) Are ERIC and HAYLEY facing the same way?
5F21 JR NC,$5F3A Jump if so
5F23 BIT 2,(HL) Is HAYLEY standing up?
5F25 JR NZ,$5F3A Jump if not
5F27 LD A,(HL) A=HAYLEY's animatory state
5F28 RLCA A=x-coordinate of the position two spaces in front of HAYLEY
5F29 SBC A,A
5F2F CP E Does ERIC's x-coordinate match this?
5F30 JR NZ,$5F3A Jump if not
5F32 INC L L=0x02
5F33 LD A,(HL) A=HAYLEY's y-coordinate
5F34 SUB D Jump if ERIC's y-coordinate does not match HAYLEY's, or ERIC has used up all his kisses
5F35 JR NZ,$5F3A
5F37 LD L,$12 Set the zero flag if there is no uninterruptible subcommand routine address in HAYLEY's buffer (A=0)
5F39 CP (HL)
At this point the zero flag is set if HAYLEY is kissable (i.e. ERIC and HAYLEY are standing and facing each other at close proximity, and ERIC hasn't already used up all his kisses), and reset otherwise.
5F3A LD A,$01 0x01: ERIC midstride
5F3C LD HL,$D224 At D224 lies a RET instruction
5F3F JP NZ,$E12A Jump if HAYLEY is not kissable at this time
5F42 LD A,($7FE2) 7FE2 holds HAYLEY's kiss counter
5F45 AND A Has ERIC used up all his kisses?
5F46 JR NZ,$5F4B Jump if not
5F48 LD HL,$5F08 5F08: hit ERIC
5F4B LD ($D111),HL Place the appropriate uninterruptible subcommand routine address (5F08: hit ERIC, or D224: do nothing) into bytes 0x11 and 0x12 of HAYLEY's buffer
5F4E JR Z,$5F34 Make HAYLEY hit ERIC if he's used up all his kisses
ERIC has scored a kiss.
5F50 SUB $07 Subtract 7 from the kiss counter
5F52 JR NC,$5F55 Jump if that doesn't take it below zero
5F54 XOR A Set it to zero otherwise
5F55 LD ($7FE2),A Store the new kiss count at 7FE2
5F58 LD HL,($7FE7) 7FE7 holds the lines total (divided by 10)
5F5B LD BC,$FF9C BC=-100
5F5F ADD HL,BC Subtract 1000 from the lines total
5F60 JR C,$5F64 Jump if the lines total (in HL) is still positive
5F62 LD H,A Otherwise set HL=0
5F63 LD L,A
5F64 LD ($7FE7),HL Decrease ERIC's lines total by 1000 (or to 0)
5F67 CALL $73CB Print the number of lines
5F6C CALL $61B4 Update the SRB for HAYLEY's current animatory state and location
5F6F LD L,$14 Save HAYLEY's current animatory state in byte 0x14 of her buffer for later retrieval
5F71 LD (HL),A
5F72 DEC L Save HAYLEY's current x-coordinate in byte 0x13 of her buffer for later retrieval
5F73 LD (HL),E
5F74 LD L,$01 Set HAYLEY's x-coordinate to 224 (out of sight) briefly
5F76 LD (HL),$E0
5F78 LD H,$D2 0xD2=ERIC
5F7A CALL $61B4 Update the SRB for ERIC's current animatory state and location
5F7D LD L,$01 Point HL at byte 0x01 of ERIC's buffer
5F7F RLCA Is ERIC facing right (bit 7 set)?
5F80 JR C,$5F84 Jump if so
5F82 DEC (HL)
5F83 DEC (HL)
5F84 INC (HL) Move ERIC one space forward for the snog (which pushes ERIC through the closed skool gate if he kisses HAYLEY from behind it; this is a bug)
5F85 LD A,$0F 0x0F: ERIC and HAYLEY kissing
5F87 CALL $5EB7 Adjust ERIC's animatory state, update the SRB, and return to 5F8A (below) next time
5F8A CALL $F3C4 Make a sound effect
5F8D LD HL,$D113 Point HL at byte 0x13 of HAYLEY's buffer
5F90 LD E,(HL) Pick up HAYLEY's pre-kiss x-coordinate in E
5F91 LD L,$02 Point HL at byte 0x02 of HAYLEY's buffer
5F93 LD D,(HL) D=HAYLEY's y-coordinate
5F94 CALL $77BD Restore HAYLEY's pre-kiss coordinates and animatory state and update the SRB
5F97 LD H,$D2 0xD2=ERIC
5F99 JP $5EE2 Detach ERIC from HAYLEY's embrace
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