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E550: Addresses of keypress handling routines
Used by the main loop at F6EA, and by the routine at 71FA. Each non-zero entry in the keypress offset table at E500 points to a routine address in this table. For more details, see the keypress table.
E550 DEFW $6F2C 0x50: Left (fast)
E552 DEFW $6F14 0x52: Right (fast)
E554 DEFW $6F44 0x54: Up (fast)
E556 DEFW $6FA0 0x56: Down (fast)
E558 DEFW $6F2C 0x58: Left (slow)
E55A DEFW $6F14 0x5A: Right (slow)
E55C DEFW $6F44 0x5C: Up (slow)
E55E DEFW $6FA0 0x5E: Down (slow)
E560 DEFW $0000 0x60: Unused
E562 DEFW $F3D7 0x62: Sit
E564 DEFW $E125 0x64: Catch mouse/frog
E566 DEFW $E225 0x66: Release mice
E568 DEFW $5EE8 0x68: Fire catapult
E56A DEFW $7386 0x6A: Mount bike
E56C DEFW $7140 0x6C: Drop stinkbomb
E56E DEFW $F99A 0x6E: Fire water pistol
E570 DEFW $5EC7 0x70: Hit
E572 DEFW $5D4F 0x72: Jump
E574 DEFW $5F1C 0x74: Kiss
E576 DEFW $5D37 0x76: Throw away water pistol
E578 DEFW $5E45 0x78: Write
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