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5EB7: Signal that ERIC is firing the catapult, hitting, or kissing
Used by the routines at 5EC7, 5EE8 and 5F1C.
A ERIC's next animatory state (bit 7 reset)
5EB7 LD HL,$7FF3 Initialise ERIC's main action timer at 7FF3 to 5
5EBA LD (HL),$05
5EBC LD L,$FB HL=7FFB (ERIC's status flags)
5EBE LD (HL),$20 Set bit 5: ERIC is firing, hitting or kissing
5EC0 POP HL HL=address of the instruction after the CALL 5EB7 that got us here; store this at 7FD7 for collection later by the routine at 5EAD
5EC1 LD ($7FD7),HL
5EC4 JP $E132 Begin the fire/hit/kiss action
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