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Used by the routine at OPEN.
The appropriate stream data bytes for the channel that is associated with the stream being opened are found.
OPEN_2 05981 PUSH HL Save HL.
05982 CALL STK_FETCH Fetch the parameters of the channel code.
05985 LD A,B Give an error if the expression supplied is a null expression, e.g. OPEN #5,"".
05986 OR C
05987 JR NZ,OPEN_3
This entry point is used by the routine at OPEN_P.
Report F - Invalid file name.
REPORT_F 05989 RST 8 Call the error handling routine.
05990 DEFB 14
Continue if no error occurred.
OPEN_3 05991 PUSH BC The length of the expression is saved.
05992 LD A,(DE) Fetch the first character.
05993 AND 223 Convert lower case codes to upper case ones.
05995 LD C,A Move code to the C register.
05996 LD HL,6010 The base address of the OPEN stream look-up table.
05999 CALL INDEXER Index into this table and locate the required offset.
06002 JR NC,REPORT_F Jump back if not found.
06004 LD C,(HL) Pass the offset to the BC register pair.
06005 LD B,0
06007 ADD HL,BC Make HL point to the start of the appropriate subroutine.
06008 POP BC Fetch the length of the expression before jumping to the subroutine.
06009 JP (HL)
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