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This subroutine is used on several occasions to look through tables.
C Code to look for
HL Base address of the table
HL Address of the second byte of the required table entry (if found)
F Carry flag is set if the code is found
INDEXER_1 05851 INC HL Move on to consider the next pair of entries.
The main entry point is here and is used by the routines at CHAN_FLAG, CLOSE_2, OPEN_2, SCANNING and S_LETTER.
INDEXER 05852 LD A,(HL) Fetch the first of a pair of entries but return if it is zero - the end marker.
05853 AND A
05854 RET Z
05855 CP C Compare it to the supplied code.
05856 INC HL Point to the second entry.
05857 JR NZ,INDEXER_1 Jump back if the correct entry has not been found.
05859 SCF The carry flag is set upon a successful search.
05860 RET
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