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The address of this routine is found in the parameter table.
This command allows the user to close streams. However for streams 0 to 3 the 'initial' stream data is restored and these streams cannot therefore be closed.
CLOSE 05861 CALL STR_DATA The existing data for the stream is fetched.
05864 CALL CLOSE_2 Check the code in that stream's channel.
05867 LD BC,0 Prepare to make the stream's data zero.
05870 LD DE,41954 Prepare to identify the use of streams 0 to 3.
05873 EX DE,HL
05874 ADD HL,DE The carry flag will be set with streams 4 to 15.
05875 JR C,CLOSE_1 Jump forward with these streams; otherwise find the correct entry in the initial stream data table.
05877 LD BC,5588
05880 ADD HL,BC
05881 LD C,(HL) Fetch the initial data for streams 0 to 3.
05882 INC HL
05883 LD B,(HL)
CLOSE_1 05884 EX DE,HL Now enter the data: either zero and zero, or the initial values.
05885 LD (HL),C
05886 INC HL
05887 LD (HL),B
05888 RET
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