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Used by the routines at PROGNAME, SAVE_ETC, OPEN_2, VAR_A_1, PR_ITEM_1, SLICING, LET, usr, compare, strs_add, val, code and len.
This important subroutine collects the 'last value' from the calculator stack. The five bytes can be either a floating-point number, in 'short' or 'long' form, or a set of parameters that define a string.
A First byte
B Fifth byte
C Fourth byte
D Third byte
E Second byte
STK_FETCH 11249 LD HL,(23653) Get STKEND.
11252 DEC HL Back one.
11253 LD B,(HL) The fifth value.
11254 DEC HL Back one.
11255 LD C,(HL) The fourth value.
11256 DEC HL Back one.
11257 LD D,(HL) The third value.
11258 DEC HL Back one.
11259 LD E,(HL) The second value.
11260 DEC HL Back one.
11261 LD A,(HL) The first value.
11262 LD (23653),HL Reset STKEND to its new position.
11265 RET Finished.
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