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9691: Print a single character
Used by the routines at 86C3 and 9680.
A ASCII code of the character
DE Display file address
9691 LD H,$07 Point HL at the bitmap for the character (in the ROM)
9693 LD L,A
9694 SET 7,L
9696 ADD HL,HL
9697 ADD HL,HL
9698 ADD HL,HL
9699 LD B,$08 There are eight pixel rows in a character bitmap
This entry point is used by the routine at 87CA to draw a triangle UDG on the title screen, and by the routine at 93D1 to draw an item in the current room.
969B LD A,(HL) Copy the character bitmap (or triangle UDG, or item graphic) to the screen (or screen buffer)
969C LD (DE),A
969E INC D
969F DJNZ $969B
96A1 RET
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