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9584: Check whether Willy has reached the toilet
Called by the routine at 89AD when Willy is on his way to the toilet.
9584 LD A,($8420) Pick up the number of the current room from 8420
9587 CP $21 Are we in The Bathroom?
9589 RET NZ Return if not
958A LD A,($85D3) Pick up the LSB of Willy's attribute buffer location from 85D3
958D CP $BC Is Willy's screen x-coordinate 28 (where the toilet is)?
958F RET NZ Return if not
Willy has reached the toilet.
9590 XOR A Reset the minute counter at 85CB to 0 (so that we get to see Willy's head down the toilet for at least a whole game minute)
9591 LD ($85CB),A
9594 LD A,$03 Update the game mode indicator at 85DF to 3 (Willy's head is down the toilet)
9596 LD ($85DF),A
9599 RET
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