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959A: Animate the toilet in The Bathroom
Used by the routine at 9534.
959A LD A,($8420) Pick up the number of the current room from 8420
959D CP $21 Are we in The Bathroom?
959F RET NZ Return if not
95A0 LD A,($85CB) Pick up the minute counter from 85CB; this will determine the animation frame to use for the toilet
95A3 AND $01 Keep only bit 0 and move it to bit 5
95A8 LD E,A Now E=0x00 or 0x20
95A9 LD A,($85DF) Pick up the game mode indicator from 85DF
95AC CP $03 Is Willy's head down the toilet?
95AE JR NZ,$95B2 Jump if not
95B0 SET 6,E Now E=0x40 or 0x60
95B2 LD D,$A6 Point DE at the toilet sprite to use (A600, A620, A640 or A660)
95B4 LD IX,$82D0 Draw the toilet at (13,28) in the screen buffer at 6000
95B8 LD BC,$101C
95BB CALL $9668
95BE LD HL,$0707 H=L=0x07 (INK 7: PAPER 0)
95C1 LD ($5DBC),HL Set the attribute bytes for the toilet in the buffer at 5C00
95C4 LD ($5DDC),HL
95C7 RET
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