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38276: Check whether Willy has reached the toilet
Called by the routine at 35245 when Willy is on his way to the toilet.
38276 LD A,(33824) Pick up the number of the current room from 33824
38279 CP 33 Are we in The Bathroom?
38281 RET NZ Return if not
38282 LD A,(34259) Pick up the LSB of Willy's attribute buffer location from 34259
38285 CP 188 Is Willy's screen x-coordinate 28 (where the toilet is)?
38287 RET NZ Return if not
Willy has reached the toilet.
38288 XOR A Reset the minute counter at 34251 to 0 (so that we get to see Willy's head down the toilet for at least a whole game minute)
38289 LD (34251),A
38292 LD A,3 Update the game mode indicator at 34271 to 3 (Willy's head is down the toilet)
38294 LD (34271),A
38297 RET
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