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FD4E: Command list: Keep guard at no. 19
Used by the gangsters at no. 19 (see FEC6 and FEE4).
FD4E DEFW $F600 Go to...
FD50 DEFB $D6,$19 ...the second floor of no. 19
FD52 DEFW $7A6A Walk up and down while watching for Sam until somebody knocks on the door to no. 19
FD54 DEFB $AF,$00
FD56 DEFW $F600 Go to...
FD58 DEFB $D3,$1F ...the door to no. 19
FD5A DEFW $F7BF Open the door
FD5C DEFW $6329 Chase and pick up Sam if he's nearby, or restart the command list
FD5E DEFW $F605 Carry Sam to...
FD60 DEFB $D8,$0D ...the drop-off point on the roof of no. 19
FD62 DEFW $F731 Drop Sam and restart the command list
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