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FD44: Region definitions used by the gangster at no. 19
Used by the routine at 738A. Defines the regions watched by the gangsters at no. 19 (who use the command list that follows at FD4E).
FD44 DEFB $CF,$DE 207<=x<222, 13<=y<32 (the gangster will give up the chase if Sam leaves this region)
FD46 DEFB $0D,$20
FD48 DEFB $CF,$DE 207<=x<222, 15<=y<32 (the gangster will remain inside this region, and start chasing Sam if he enters it)
FD4A DEFB $0F,$20
FD4C DEFB $07 Disguise ID (oil man); this is set by the routine at 7500: to 0x07 (using the event entry at 5FE0), and later to 0xFF (using the event entry at 5FEE) when Sam walks over the roof of no. 19 using the hook
FD4D DEFB $0E Command list offset
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