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7A6A: Make a gangster walk up and down while watching for Sam
Used by the command lists at FD16, FD30, FD4E and FD86.
H Gangster's character number (0xD7-0xE0)
7A6A LD L,$0B Copy the door identifier (0xA8 or 0xAF) and walkabout duration indicator (always 0) from the command list into bytes 0x0B and 0x0C of the gangster's buffer
7A6C CALL $F171
7A6F LD L,$0D Set byte 0x0D of the gangster's buffer to a non-zero value to ensure that he walks up and down indefinitely
7A71 LD (HL),$3F
7A73 LD L,$01 A=gangster's x-coordinate
7A75 LD A,(HL)
7A76 LD L,$0A Copy this to byte 0x0A of the gangster's buffer, thus making it his walkabout origin x-coordinate
7A78 LD (HL),A
7A79 CALL $F7B1 Change the gangster's primary command routine address to 7A7C (below)
7A7C LD BC,$7A57 The routine at 7A57 makes the gangster walk up or down until Sam arrives
7A7F JP $F763
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