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77F2: Make ANGELFACE hit now and then
Used by the routines at F7DF and F804. Decides whether ANGELFACE should throw a punch, and gets the punching action under way if so.
77F2 LD L,$00 Byte 0x00 of ANGELFACE's buffer holds his animatory state
77F4 BIT 0,(HL) Is ANGELFACE midstride?
77F6 RET NZ Return if so
77F7 CALL $774F Is ANGELFACE exactly on the top, middle or bottom floor?
77FA RET NZ Return if not
77FB CALL $6291 A=random number
77FE RLCA Return 50% of the time
7800 CALL $6D64 Can any adults see ANGELFACE?
7803 RET C Return if so
7804 LD B,$03 Is there anyone 3 spaces in front of ANGELFACE and facing him?
7806 CALL $77C8
7809 RET C Return if not
780A POP BC Drop the return address (6357)
780B POP BC Pop the value of HL that was pushed on to the stack by the routine at 62D0 before coming here; RET will now take us back either to 62D0 to move the next character, or to the main loop
780C LD HL,$7813 Place the address of the uninterruptible subcommand routine at 7813 into bytes 0x11 and 0x12 of ANGELFACE's buffer
780F LD ($CF11),HL
7812 RET
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