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61631: Make a teacher find ERIC if he's absent during dinner
Used by command list 30. Makes the teacher run after and stalk ERIC until he goes to the dinner hall.
H 200 (MR WACKER) or 201 (MR WITHIT)
61631 LD DE,32740 Point DE at the MSB of the lesson clock (which starts off at 16)
61634 LD A,(DE) Pick this up in A
61635 CP 12 Is ERIC supposed to be in the dinner hall by now?
61637 JR NC,61654 Jump if not
61639 LD E,128 Set bit 6 at 32640, indicating that ERIC should be in the dinner hall now
61641 EX DE,HL
61642 SET 6,(HL)
61644 EX DE,HL
61645 CALL 32021 Reset the zero flag if ERIC is not in the dinner hall
This entry point is used by the routines at 61696 and 61658.
61648 LD BC,61595 Redirect control to the routine at 61595 (find ERIC) if ERIC is not where he should be, then return to 61654 (below)
61651 CALL NZ,25503
61654 JP 25484 Move to the next command in the command list
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