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61658: Control a teacher during assembly
Used by command list 80. Makes the teacher stand still until the period is nearly over, and also perform assembly duty (if the teacher is MR WITHIT).
H Teacher's character number (201-203)
61658 LD A,(32740) Collect the MSB of the lesson clock (which starts off at 16)
61661 CP 2 Has the teacher been standing still long enough (the routine at 62032 sets the MSB of the lesson clock to 1 after MR WACKER has finished his detention speech)?
61663 JP C,25484 Move to the next command in the command list if so
61666 CP 11 Is it time for the kids to sit down for assembly yet?
61668 RET NC Return if not
61669 LD A,H A=teacher's character number
61670 CP 201 Is this MR WITHIT (who does assembly duty)?
61672 RET NZ Return if not
61673 LD DE,32640 Set bits 6 (ERIC should be here now) and 7 (time to sit down: this is checked by command lists 20, 40 and 88) at 32640
61676 LD A,(DE)
61677 OR 192
61679 LD (DE),A
61680 LD A,(32740) A=MSB of the lesson clock
61683 CP 10 Is it time to find ERIC if he's absent?
61685 RET NC Return if not
61686 CALL 32021 Is ERIC in the assembly hall?
61689 RET Z Return if so
61690 JP 61648 Go and find him otherwise
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