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32640: Various flags
Various status flags for the current lesson.
Bit Meaning if set
0 End of lesson/playtime (always reset)
1 MR WACKER is looking for ERIC to expel him (see 62770)
2 MR WACKER is looking for the truant ERIC (see 62668)
3 EINSTEIN is talking (set and checked by 61463; reset and checked by 61440)
4 Lines reprimand toggle for the teacher fetching ERIC (see 32062)
5 MISS TAKE is chasing ERIC (see 32062)
6 ERIC should be in class (set by 61696), dinner (set by 61631) or assembly (set by 61658) (checked by 32062)
7 Kids should be sitting in the assembly hall (set by 61658; reset by 62032; checked by 27904 and 32062, and by command lists 20, 40 and 88)
ERIC's teacher's next absence reprimand should be STAY TILL I DISMISS YOU instead of DON'T BE LATE AGAIN (set and checked by 61696)
ERIC should be sitting down in class (set by 61696; checked by 32062)
32640 DEFB 0
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