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27772: Deal with a character who is looking for a seat
The address of this uninterruptible subcommand routine is placed into bytes 111 and 112 of a character's buffer by the routine at 27748 (after he's been knocked out of his chair and just got up to look for another one - or the same one, in EINSTEIN's case), or by the routine at 27808.
H Character number (152-169)
27772 CALL 25108 Update the SRB for the character's current location
27775 LD C,A Store the character's animatory state in C temporarily
27776 BIT 0,A Is the character midstride?
27778 JP NZ,25434 Finish the stride if so
27781 CALL 27632 Is the character standing beside a chair?
27784 JP Z,27517 If so, knock the current occupant (if any) to the floor, make this character sit down, and remove the address of this routine from bytes 111 and 112 of his buffer
27787 LD A,C Restore the character's animatory state to A
27788 NOP
27789 JR NC,27794 Jump unless the character should turn round
27791 XOR 128 Flip bit 7 of the animatory state, thus turning him round
27793 DEC A Compensate for the 'INC A' below
27794 INC A A=character's new animatory state (midstride, or just turned round)
27795 JP 25008 Update the character's animatory state and update the SRB
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