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The address of this routine is found in the table of addresses. It is called via the calculator literal +25 by the routine at to_power. It is also called indirectly via fp_calc_2.
This subroutine handles the function LN X and is the second of the four routines that use the series generator to produce Chebyshev polynomials.
The approximation to LN X is found as follows:
  • i. X is tested and report A is given if X is not positive.
  • ii. X is then split into its true exponent, e', and its mantissa X'=X/(2**e'), where 0.5<=X'<1.
  • iii. The required value Y1 or Y2 is formed: if X'>0.8 then Y1=e'*LN 2, otherwise Y2=(e'-1)*LN 2.
  • iv. If X'>0.8 then the quantity X'-1 is stacked; otherwise 2*X'-1 is stacked.
  • v. Now the argument Z is formed, being 2.5*X'-3 if X'>0.8, otherwise 5*X'-3. In each case, -1<=Z<=1, as required for the series to converge.
  • vi. The series generator is used to produce the required function.
  • vii. Finally a simple multiplication and addition leads to LN X being returned as the 'last value'.
ln 3713 RST $28 X
Perform step i.
3714 DEFB $3D re_stack: X (in full floating-point form)
3715 DEFB $31 duplicate: X, X
3716 DEFB $37 greater_0: X, (1/0)
3717 DEFB $00 jump_true to VALID: X
3718 DEFB $04 multiply: X
3719 DEFB $38 end_calc: X
Report A - Invalid argument.
371A RST $08 Call the error handling routine.
371B DEFB $09
Perform step ii.
VALID 371C DEFB $A0 stk_zero: X, 0 (the deleted 1 is overwritten with zero)
371D DEFB $02 delete: X
371E DEFB $38 end_calc: X
371F LD A,(HL) The exponent, e, goes into A.
3720 LD (HL),$80 X is reduced to X'.
3722 CALL STACK_A The stack holds: X', e.
3725 RST $28 X', e
3726 DEFB $34 stk_data: X', e, 128
3727 DEFB $38,$00
3729 DEFB $03 subtract: X', e'
Perform step iii.
372A DEFB $01 exchange: e', X'
372B DEFB $31 duplicate: e', X', X'
372C DEFB $34 stk_data: e', X', X', 0.8
372D DEFB $F0,$4C,$CC,$CC,$CD
3732 DEFB $03 subtract: e', X', X'-0.8
3733 DEFB $37 greater_0: e', X', (1/0)
3734 DEFB $00 jump_true to GRE_8: e', X'
3735 DEFB $08
3736 DEFB $01 exchange: X', e'
3737 DEFB $A1 stk_one: X', e', 1
3738 DEFB $03 subtract: X', e'-1
3739 DEFB $01 exchange: e'-1, X'
373A DEFB $38 end_calc
373B INC (HL) Double X' to give 2*X'.
373C RST $28 e'-1, 2*X'
GRE_8 373D DEFB $01 exchange: X', e' (X'>0.8) or 2*X', e'-1 (X'<=0.8)
373E DEFB $34 stk_data: X', e', LN 2 or 2*X', e'-1, LN 2
373F DEFB $F0,$31,$72,$17,$F8
3744 DEFB $04 multiply: X', e'*LN 2=Y1 or 2*X', (e'-1)*LN 2=Y2
Perform step iv.
3745 DEFB $01 exchange: Y1, X' (X'>0.8) or Y2, 2*X' (X'<=0.8)
3746 DEFB $A2 stk_half: Y1, X', .5 or Y2, 2*X', .5
3747 DEFB $03 subtract: Y1, X'-.5 or Y2, 2*X'-.5
3748 DEFB $A2 stk_half: Y1, X'-.5, .5 or Y2, 2*X'-.5, .5
3749 DEFB $03 subtract: Y1, X'-1 or Y2, 2*X'-1
Perform step v.
374A DEFB $31 duplicate: Y, X'-1, X'-1 or Y2, 2*X'-1, 2*X'-1
374B DEFB $34 stk_data: Y1, X'-1, X'-1, 2.5 or Y2, 2*X'-1, 2*X'-1, 2.5
374C DEFB $32,$20
374E DEFB $04 multiply: Y1, X'-1, 2.5*X'-2.5 or Y2, 2*X'-1, 5*X'-2.5
374F DEFB $A2 stk_half: Y1, X'-1, 2.5*X'-2.5, .5 or Y2, 2*X'-1, 5*X'-2.5, .5
3750 DEFB $03 subtract: Y1, X'-1, 2.5*X'-3=Z or Y2, 2*X'-1, 5*X'-3=Z
Perform step vi, passing to the series generator the parameter '12', and the twelve constants required.
3751 DEFB $8C series_0C: Y1, X'-1, Z or Y2, 2*X'-1, Z
3752 DEFB $11,$AC
3754 DEFB $14,$09
3756 DEFB $56,$DA,$A5
3759 DEFB $59,$30,$C5
375C DEFB $5C,$90,$AA
375F DEFB $9E,$70,$6F,$61
3763 DEFB $A1,$CB,$DA,$96
3767 DEFB $A4,$31,$9F,$B4
376B DEFB $E7,$A0,$FE,$5C,$FC
3770 DEFB $EA,$1B,$43,$CA,$36
3775 DEFB $ED,$A7,$9C,$7E,$5E
377A DEFB $F0,$6E,$23,$80,$93
At the end of the last loop the 'last value' is:
  • LN X'/(X'-1) if X'>0.8
  • LN (2*X')/(2*X'-1) if X'<=0.8
Perform step vii.
377F DEFB $04 multiply: Y1=LN (2**e'), LN X' or Y2=LN (2**(e'-1)), LN (2*X')
3780 DEFB $0F addition: LN (2**e')*X')=LN X or LN (2**(e'-1)*2*X')=LN X
3781 DEFB $38 end_calc: LN X
3782 RET Finished: 'last value' is LN X.
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