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Used by the routine at to_power.
The address of this routine is found in the table of addresses. It is called indirectly via fp_calc_2.
This subroutine handles the function EXP X and is the first of four routines that use the series generator to produce Chebyshev polynomials.
The approximation to EXP X is found as follows:
  • i. X is divided by LN 2 to give Y, so that 2**Y is now the required result.
  • ii. The value N is found, such that N=INT Y.
  • iii. The value W=Y-N is found; 0<=W<=1, as required for the series to converge.
  • iv. The argument Z=2*W-1 is formed.
  • v. The series generator is used to return 2**W.
  • vi. Finally N is added to the exponent, giving 2**(N+W), which is 2**Y and therefore the required answer.
exp 36C4 RST $28 X
Perform step i.
36C5 DEFB $3D re_stack: X (in full floating-point form)
36C6 DEFB $34 stk_data: X, 1/LN 2
36C7 DEFB $F1,$38,$AA,$3B,$29
36CC DEFB $04 multiply: X/LN 2=Y
Perform step ii.
36CD DEFB $31 duplicate: Y, Y
36CE DEFB $27 int: Y, INT Y=N
36CF DEFB $C3 st_mem_3: Y, N (mem-3 holds N)
Perform step iii.
36D0 DEFB $03 subtract: Y-N=W
Perform step iv.
36D1 DEFB $31 duplicate: W, W
36D2 DEFB $0F addition: 2*W
36D3 DEFB $A1 stk_one: 2*W, 1
36D4 DEFB $03 subtract: 2*W-1=Z
Perform step v, passing to the series generator the parameter '8' and the eight constants required.
36D5 DEFB $88 series_08: Z
36D6 DEFB $13,$36
36D8 DEFB $58,$65,$66
36DB DEFB $9D,$78,$65,$40
36DF DEFB $A2,$60,$32,$C9
36E3 DEFB $E7,$21,$F7,$AF,$24
36E8 DEFB $EB,$2F,$B0,$B0,$14
36ED DEFB $EE,$7E,$BB,$94,$58
36F2 DEFB $F1,$3A,$7E,$F8,$CF
At the end of the last loop the 'last value' is 2**W.
Perform step vi.
36F7 DEFB $E3 get_mem_3: 2**W, N
36F8 DEFB $38 end_calc
36F9 CALL FP_TO_A The absolute value of N mod 256 is put into the A register.
36FC JR NZ,N_NEGTV Jump forward if N was negative.
36FE JR C,REPORT_6_2 Error if ABS N>+FF.
3700 ADD A,(HL) Now add ABS N to the exponent.
3701 JR NC,RESULT_OK Jump unless e>+FF.
Report 6 - Number too big.
REPORT_6_2 3703 RST $08 Call the error handling routine.
3704 DEFB $05
N_NEGTV 3705 JR C,RSLT_ZERO The result is to be zero if N<-255.
3707 SUB (HL) Subtract ABS N from the exponent as N was negative.
3708 JR NC,RSLT_ZERO Zero result if e less than zero.
370A NEG Minus e is changed to e.
RESULT_OK 370C LD (HL),A The exponent, e, is entered.
370D RET Finished: 'last value' is EXP X.
RSLT_ZERO 370E RST $28 Use the calculator to make the 'last value' zero.
370F DEFB $02 delete (the stack is now empty)
3710 DEFB $A0 stk_zero: 0
3711 DEFB $38 end_calc
3712 RET Finished, with EXP X=0.
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