Infinite money
To prevent Sam's supply of money from running out:
POKE 28310,254
Easy money
If the infinite money POKE feels like too much of a cheat, try one or more of these sets of POKEs, which make it a bit easier for Sam to augment his cash supply with the proceeds of the recent bank robbery:
POKE 25401,0: POKE 25404,0: POKE 25406,0: POKE 25409,0 (prevents a banknote from fluttering up and down once it has hit the ground)
POKE 25526,0 (prevents a banknote from moving down the street)
POKE 25043,100: POKE 25046,24 (makes every banknote worth $100)
Infinite first aid
To prevent Sam's first aid kits from running out:
POKE 26054,0
Cheap talk
To make outgoing phone calls cost nothing instead of the usual exorbitant $2:
POKE 30491,173
Get out of jail
To enable Sam to leave the jail cell at any time (even after being arrested):
POKE 31583,195
Note, however, that if Sam leaves the jail cell and the vicinity of the police station after being arrested and before being officially released, and then later returns to the vicinity of the police station with $20 or less on his person, the game will freeze when the jailer next enters the cell (see 7B6A).
Get out of jail free
If you're happy for Sam to serve time in jail, but would prefer him to be released without having to pay bail:
POKE 31605,201
Everybody out
When characters (including Sam) are indoors, it's difficult to see where they are as they move up or down staircases and between windows. To make it so that characters are always drawn in front of buildings, even when they are inside:
POKE 59646,125
Perfect disguises
Sam's disguises can be useful for evading the law now and then, but the police soon catch on to them; to make the disguises effective for ever:
POKE 29145,0
Private rooms
The rooms on the ground floor of the hotel are not accessible: neither Sam nor any other character can enter them. In fact, they are the only rooms in the entire play area that are off limits.
To make the room on the left accessible to Sam:
POKE 48239,204
POKE 48240,192
POKE 50494,47
POKE 50750,195
Next, the room on the right:
POKE 47739,204
POKE 47740,192
And finally, to add light switches and usable window blinds to each room:
POKE 62855,68
POKE 62860,132
Now Sam can enter either one of these rooms by first going to the hotel entrance and then walking left or right until he passes through the wall.
Stairway to the safe
For some reason, the builders forgot to add a staircase leading from the third floor of no. 17 (where Sam's office is) to the top floor (where the safe containing the budgie is). To correct this omission:
POKE 50664,93
POKE 50665,100
POKE 50667,130
No snipers
To prevent snipers from showing up in the game:
POKE 25307,201
In game modes 1-3, there are various gangsters who will chase Sam with the intent of throwing him off the roof of a building if he gets too close to them. To make these gangsters completely unaware of Sam's presence:
POKE 31325,195
In game mode 4, after Lana has been put in jail, Sam is chased relentlessly by one of the mob, who will keep dumping him off the roof of the apartment building next to no. 19 until he runs out of money. To disable this gangster and enable Sam to walk freely around the city with the budgie:
POKE 64878,49
All keys
To give Sam the keys to no. 15, no. 27, no. 31 and no. 74 while a game is in progress:
POKE 32746,120
To give Sam the key to no. 19 as well:
POKE 32746,248
Note, however, that Sam will not be able to get the budgie while he has the key to no. 19; this is because the event table entry at 6097 checks whether Sam has the keys to no. 15, no. 27, no. 31 and no. 74 only before making the budgie available.
Keep the lights on
People have an annoying tendency to flip light switches off as they walk past them, which can make it tricky to navigate inside a building. To ensure that the lights stay on (even when a fuse is blown):
POKE 63465,0
POKE 63468,175