Address Description
61EA Keep guard at no. 15
FCF4 Patrol duty
FCFC Jail cell duty
FD16 Keep guard on the catwalk
FD30 Guard the hook at no. 74
FD4E Keep guard at no. 19
FD6E Chase Sam for ever
FD76 Control a banknote
FD78 Control a banknote (unless Sam's got the hook)
FD7A Control the sniper
FD86 Keep guard outside the police station
FD96 Patrol duty (demo mode)
FDA0 Control the fat man
FDAC Go to Sam's office
FDB4 No. 31 walkabout
FDC4 No. 15 walkabout
FDD0 Shops walkabout
FDDF Hotel walkabout
FDEA No. 15 walkabout
FDF8 No. 74 walkabout
FE06 Hotel walkabout
FE0A Hotel walkabout
FE14 Apartment building walkabout
FE23 Front door duty at no. 15
FE34 Control Daisy
FE49 Apartment building walkabout
FE58 Front door duty at no. 74
FE77 Front door duty at no. 31
FE92 Control a cat
FE94 Do nothing
FE96 Walk up and down for ever
FE9A Apartment building walkabout
FEA0 Apartment building walkabout