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FFC0: Locations affected by blown fuses
Used by the routines at 714C, F404 and F7DA. Each of the 32 bytes in this data table corresponds to an 8-column-wide segment of the play area: the first byte to x-coordinates 0-7, the second byte to x-coordinates 8-15 and so on. Each value is the LSB of the address of the game status buffer variable that holds the delay counter for the fuse (if any) that affects the segment (see 7FA2).
FFC0 DEFB $A8,$A8,$A8,$A8 0<=x<32: no fuses here
FFC4 DEFB $A2,$A2,$A2 32<=x<56: no. 74
FFC7 DEFB $A3,$A3,$A3,$A3,$A3,$A3 56<=x<104: hotel
FFCD DEFB $A4,$A4 104<=x<120: no. 31
FFCF DEFB $A8,$A8,$A8,$A8,$A8,$A8,$A8,$A8,$A8,$A8,$A8 120<=x<208: no fuses here
FFDA DEFB $A5,$A5 208<=x<224: no. 19
FFDC DEFB $A6,$A6 224<=x<240: no. 17
FFDE DEFB $A7,$A7 240<=x<256: no. 15
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