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E700: Copy a play area tile into the back buffer
Used by the routine at E70C.
HL Play area tile base address
E700 LD DE,$A01E The first byte of the back buffer is at A01E
This entry point is also used by the routine at E70C (with HL=A01E and DE holding a display file address) to copy the tile from the back buffer to the screen.
E703 LD B,$08 There are 8 bytes to copy
E705 LD A,(HL) Copy the 8 tile bytes to the back buffer or the screen
E706 LD (DE),A
E707 INC H
E708 INC D
E709 DJNZ $E705
The address of this entry point is placed into bytes 0x08 and 0x09 of a policeman's buffer by the routine at 6100, and is also found in the command lists at FDAC and FE94.
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