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59136: Copy a play area tile into the back buffer
Used by the routine at 59148.
HL Play area tile base address
59136 LD DE,40990 The first byte of the back buffer is at 40990
This entry point is also used by the routine at 59148 (with HL=40990 and DE holding a display file address) to copy the tile from the back buffer to the screen.
59139 LD B,8 There are 8 bytes to copy
59141 LD A,(HL) Copy the 8 tile bytes to the back buffer or the screen
59142 LD (DE),A
59143 INC H
59144 INC D
59145 DJNZ 59141
The address of this entry point is placed into bytes 8 and 9 of a policeman's buffer by the routine at 24832, and is also found in the command lists at 64940 and 65172.
59147 RET
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