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24832: Deal with Sam while he's transfixed by Lana
Used by the routine at 29912 when bit 1 at 32764 is set (by the routine at 29952, using the event entry at 24792), indicating that Sam has been immobilised after meeting Lana in his office.
H 230 (Sam)
24832 LD L,8 Set Sam's main action timer (in byte 8 of his buffer) to 8
24834 LD (HL),L
24835 LD L,13 Byte 13 of Sam's buffer holds 0 if Sam has only just met Lana, or 1 otherwise
24837 LD A,(HL)
24838 AND A Has Sam only just met Lana in his office?
24839 JR NZ,24850 Jump if not
24841 INC (HL) Increment byte 13 of Sam's buffer so that we don't come here again
24842 LD A,73 Message 73: 'I STARED AT THE LOVELY LANA...'
24844 LD (32722),A Store the message number at 32722 (so that we can check when it has been displayed)
24847 JP 30154 Queue the message urgently
While Lana is transfixing Sam, we count the policemen who have shown up at Sam's office so far and been immobilised.
24850 LD BC,512 B=2 (2 policemen), C=0 (will count the number of immobilised policemen)
24853 LD D,222 Character 222 is the first policeman
24855 LD E,9 Point DE at byte 9 of the policeman's buffer
24857 INC C Assume that this policeman is already immobilised
24858 LD A,(DE) A=MSB of the policeman's current primary command routine
24859 CP 231 Is it the MSB of 59147 (RET)?
24861 JR Z,24890 Jump if so (this policeman is already immobilised)
24863 DEC C Decrement C because this policeman is not yet immobilised
24864 LD E,2 A=policeman's y-coordinate
24866 LD A,(DE)
24867 CP 19 Is the policeman on the third floor of a building?
24869 JR NZ,24890 Jump to consider the next policeman if not
24871 DEC E E=1
24872 LD A,(DE) A=policeman's x-coordinate
24873 CP 239 Consider the next policeman unless this one is in Sam's office
24875 JR NC,24890
24877 CP 224
24879 JR C,24890
24881 LD A,231 Place 59147 (RET) into bytes 8 and 9 of the policeman's buffer, thus immobilising him
24883 LD E,9
24885 LD (DE),A
24886 LD A,11
24888 DEC E
24889 LD (DE),A
24890 INC D Point DE at the next policeman's buffer
24891 DJNZ 24855 Jump back until both policemen have been checked
Now C holds the number of policemen that have been immobilised in Sam's office.
24893 PUSH BC Save the number of immobilised policemen briefly
24894 CALL 30972 Check whether message 73 ('I STARED AT THE LOVELY LANA...') is still in the message queue
24897 POP BC Restore the number of immobilised policemen to C
24898 RET Z Return unless the entire message has been displayed
24899 LD A,C A=number of immobilised policemen
24900 AND A Is it at least one?
24901 JR NZ,24914 Jump if so
24903 LD HL,0 Set the number of bucks (stored at 32670) to 0
24906 LD (32670),HL
24909 LD A,75 Message 75: 'SHE FIRED'
24911 JP 31445 Display the cutscene with this message, and then prepare to enter demo mode
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