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6100: Deal with Sam while he's transfixed by Lana
Used by the routine at 74D8 when bit 1 at 7FFC is set (by the routine at 7500, using the event entry at 60D8), indicating that Sam has been immobilised after meeting Lana in his office.
H 0xE6 (Sam)
6100 LD L,$08 Set Sam's main action timer (in byte 0x08 of his buffer) to 8
6102 LD (HL),L
6103 LD L,$0D Byte 0x0D of Sam's buffer holds 0 if Sam has only just met Lana, or 1 otherwise
6105 LD A,(HL)
6106 AND A Has Sam only just met Lana in his office?
6107 JR NZ,$6112 Jump if not
6109 INC (HL) Increment byte 0x0D of Sam's buffer so that we don't come here again
610A LD A,$49 Message 0x49: 'I STARED AT THE LOVELY LANA...'
610C LD ($7FD2),A Store the message number at 7FD2 (so that we can check when it has been displayed)
610F JP $75CA Queue the message urgently
While Lana is transfixing Sam, we count the policemen who have shown up at Sam's office so far and been immobilised.
6112 LD BC,$0200 B=2 (2 policemen), C=0 (will count the number of immobilised policemen)
6115 LD D,$DE Character 0xDE is the first policeman
6117 LD E,$09 Point DE at byte 0x09 of the policeman's buffer
6119 INC C Assume that this policeman is already immobilised
611A LD A,(DE) A=MSB of the policeman's current primary command routine
611B CP $E7 Is it the MSB of E70B (RET)?
611D JR Z,$613A Jump if so (this policeman is already immobilised)
611F DEC C Decrement C because this policeman is not yet immobilised
6120 LD E,$02 A=policeman's y-coordinate
6122 LD A,(DE)
6123 CP $13 Is the policeman on the third floor of a building?
6125 JR NZ,$613A Jump to consider the next policeman if not
6127 DEC E E=0x01
6128 LD A,(DE) A=policeman's x-coordinate
6129 CP $EF Consider the next policeman unless this one is in Sam's office
612B JR NC,$613A
612D CP $E0
612F JR C,$613A
6131 LD A,$E7 Place E70B (RET) into bytes 0x08 and 0x09 of the policeman's buffer, thus immobilising him
6133 LD E,$09
6135 LD (DE),A
6136 LD A,$0B
6138 DEC E
6139 LD (DE),A
613A INC D Point DE at the next policeman's buffer
613B DJNZ $6117 Jump back until both policemen have been checked
Now C holds the number of policemen that have been immobilised in Sam's office.
613D PUSH BC Save the number of immobilised policemen briefly
613E CALL $78FC Check whether message 0x49 ('I STARED AT THE LOVELY LANA...') is still in the message queue
6141 POP BC Restore the number of immobilised policemen to C
6142 RET Z Return unless the entire message has been displayed
6143 LD A,C A=number of immobilised policemen
6144 AND A Is it at least one?
6145 JR NZ,$6152 Jump if so
6147 LD HL,$0000 Set the number of bucks (stored at 7F9E) to 0
614A LD ($7F9E),HL
614D LD A,$4B Message 0x4B: 'SHE FIRED'
614F JP $7AD5 Display the cutscene with this message, and then prepare to enter demo mode
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