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7565: Make the cash bonus/key sound effect
Used by the routine at 7603.
A 0x02 (initial border colour)
C 0x90 (pitch)
DE 01FD (duration)
H 0x14 (repetitions)
L 0x06 (border XOR value)
7565 PUSH DE Save the duration
7566 XOR L Toggle the border colour between 2 (red) and 4 (green)
7567 CALL $FCE4 Make a mini-sound effect
756A LD B,A Save the border colour in B briefly
756B LD A,C Modify the pitch for the next mini-sound effect (it is 0x90 for the first, and then toggles between 0x6F and 0x10 for the remainder)
756C CPL
756D AND $7F
756F LD C,A
7570 LD A,B Restore the border colour to A
7571 POP DE Restore the duration to DE
7572 DEC H Have we played 20 mini-sound effects yet?
7573 JR NZ,$7565 Jump back if not
7575 RET
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