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7058: Initialise the icon panel, score box and message line
Used by the routine at F8AE.
7058 LD HL,$5AA8 Set the attribute bytes of the icon panel to 0x36 (INK 6: PAPER 6), thus hiding every icon
705B LD E,$03
705D LD BC,$0C14
7060 LD (HL),$36
7062 INC L
7063 DJNZ $7060
7065 ADD HL,BC
7066 DEC E
7067 JR NZ,$705D
7069 LD HL,($FFEC) Collect the high score from FFEC
706C LD DE,$50B8 DE=display file address
706F CALL $6E1A Print the high score
7072 LD HL,$0000 The score starts at 0
7075 LD DE,$50D8 DE=display file address
7078 CALL $6E1A Print the score
707B LD A,$32 Sam's cash supply starts at $50
707D CALL $6E92 Set and print the number of bucks
7080 JP $7414 Clear the message line and display 8 first aid kits
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