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61568: Update the icon panel, draw the bullets, and scan the event table
Called from the main loop at 61483. Updates the icon panel, draws the bullets, scans the event table at 24544 for events to trigger, and checks whether Sam has found the hook, the budgie, a key, some money, or a location that requires a message to be displayed.
61568 CALL 29668 Show or hide the fuse, door, light bulb or phone in the icon panel
61571 LD A,(32750) A=current game mode (0-4)
61574 AND A Is it demo mode?
61575 RET Z Return if so
61576 CALL 26075 Move and draw the bullets
61579 LD A,(32764) Collect Sam's status flags from 32764
61582 AND 129 Is Sam being carried or falling from a building?
61584 RET NZ Return if so
61585 CALL 29952 Scan the event table at 24544 for events to trigger
61588 LD A,(58880) A=Sam's animatory state
61591 AND 29 Is Sam's animation phase standing/walking phase 1 or 3?
61593 RET NZ Return if not
61594 JP 30211 Check whether Sam has found something and update the icon panel
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