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60521: Make a sound effect
Used by the routines at 25789, 30675, 30989, 60539, 60641, 64218 and 64338. Makes the sound effect that is used when 'M' is pressed to toggle the message speed, and also by Sam when he is walking, finishes a roll or somersault, picks up the hook or budgie, picks up a telephone, is dialling a telephone number, hangs up a phone, changes disguise, lowers his arm, knocks on a door, blows a fuse, flips a light switch, raises or lowers a window blind, throws the hook, or is falling from the roof of a building.
60521 PUSH BC
60522 LD A,1 BORDER 1 (blue)
60524 LD C,7 Initialise the duration counter
60526 XOR 16 Flip bit 4 (the speaker bit)
60528 OUT (254),A Change the speaker state
60530 LD B,192 Perform the pitch delay
60532 DJNZ 60532
60534 DEC C Have we finished the sound effect yet?
60535 JR NZ,60526 Jump back if not
60537 POP BC
60538 RET
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