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30675: Deal with Sam when he's on the phone
Used by the routine at 29912 when bit 4 at 32764 is set (by the routine at 30458), indicating that Sam is on the phone.
30675 LD HL,32667 The telephone call status flags are stored at 32667
30678 BIT 6,(HL) Has someone asked Sam 'WHO'S THERE?'
30680 JP NZ,30575 Jump if so
30683 BIT 1,(HL) Is the telephone call still in progress?
30685 JR Z,30691 Jump if so
30687 CALL 61923 Hang up if 'h' was pressed
30690 RET
The telephone call is still in progress.
30691 BIT 7,(HL) Has Sam picked up a telephone that was ringing?
30693 JR Z,30707 Jump if not
30695 CALL 61923 Hang up if 'h' was pressed
30698 LD A,(32723) A=ID of the telephone that Sam is holding
30701 LD HL,27467 The ringing phone location table is at 27467
30704 JP 30627 Check whether there is a message for Sam
30707 BIT 5,(HL) Is the destination telephone ringing?
30709 JR Z,30726 Jump if not
30711 CALL 61923 Hang up if 'h' was pressed
30714 CALL 30511 Is the telephone that Sam is calling either off-screen or close enough to a character that can pick it up?
30717 RET NC Return if not
30718 LD A,(32666) A=ID of the telephone that Sam is calling
30721 LD HL,27506 The phone message table is at 27506
30724 JR 30704 Check whether Sam has called someone who has a message for him
Sam is still dialling the telephone number.
30726 BIT 4,(HL) Are we currently making the sound effect of a digit being dialled?
30728 JR NZ,30768 Jump if so
30730 CALL 61923 Check for keypresses and hang up if 'h' was pressed
30733 RET Z Return if no key with an ASCII code in the range 48-127 was pressed
30734 CP 58 Was the ASCII code of the keypress greater than 57 ('9')?
30736 RET NC Return if so
30737 CP 48 Was the ASCII code less than 48 ('0')?
30739 RET C Return if so
30740 LD HL,32657 Store the ASCII code of the digit in the first available space at 32658
30743 INC L
30744 BIT 5,(HL)
30746 JR NZ,30743
30748 LD (HL),A
30749 SUB 48 A=digit that was dialled (0-9)
30751 JR NZ,30755 Jump unless '0' was dialled
30753 LD A,10 The digit '0' will give 10 clicks
30755 INC A A=1-11
30756 LD (58900),A Store this in byte 20 of Sam's buffer
30759 LD L,155 HL=32667 (telephone call status flags)
30761 LD (HL),16 Set bit 4
30763 LD A,42 Message 42: 'I DIALLED {number}'
30765 JP 30154 Queue this message urgently
The sound effect of a digit being dialled is currently in progress.
30768 LD HL,58888 Set Sam's main action timer (in byte 8 of his buffer) to 3
30771 LD (HL),3
30773 LD L,20 Point HL at byte 20 of Sam's buffer
30775 DEC (HL) Are there any more clicks to make?
30776 JP NZ,60521 Make a click if so
Sam has finished dialling a digit of the telephone number. Check whether the number dialled so far is valid.
30779 LD HL,32667 Clear all the telephone call status flags at 32667
30782 LD (HL),0
30784 LD L,146 Collect the ASCII code of the first digit that was dialled from 32658
30786 LD A,(HL)
30787 CP 48 Was it '0'?
30789 JR Z,30817 Jump if so (no telephone numbers start with 0)
30791 INC L Add the ASCII codes of the second and third digits to the first
30792 ADD A,(HL)
30793 INC L
30794 ADD A,(HL)
30795 INC L Point HL at the fourth digit
30796 CP 171 Set the zero flag if '999' was dialled
30798 LD A,112 112 is the ID of the telephone in the police station
30800 JR Z,30810 Jump if Sam has dialled the police
30802 BIT 5,(HL) Has Sam dialled four digits yet?
30804 RET Z Return if not
30805 CALL 31255 Has Sam dialled a valid telephone number?
30808 JR NZ,30817 Jump if not
30810 LD HL,32723 32723 holds the ID of the telephone Sam is holding
30813 CP (HL) Does it match the ID of the telephone Sam is calling?
30814 JP NZ,31244 Jump if not to place the call
30817 LD A,47 Message 47: ' THE NUMBER WAS UNOBTAINABLE'
30819 JP 30617 Disconnect the call and queue this message urgently
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