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30458: 'T' pressed - telephone
The address of this routine is found in the table of keypress handling routines at 60672. It is called from the main loop at 61483 when 'T' is pressed.
H 230 (Sam)
30458 CALL 29854 Is Sam standing next to a telephone?
30461 RET Z Return if not
30462 LD HL,32658 The buffer at 32658 will hold the digits dialled by Sam
30465 LD BC,1280 B=5, C=0
30468 LD (HL),C Initialise the digit buffer at 32658 by filling it with zeroes
30469 INC L
30470 DJNZ 30468
30472 LD L,155 HL=32667 (telephone call status flags)
30474 CCF A=128 if the phone is ringing, 0 otherwise
30475 SBC A,A
30476 AND 128
30478 LD (HL),A Set bit 7 at 32667 if Sam has picked up a ringing telephone
30479 LD L,252 HL=32764 (Sam's status flags)
30481 LD (HL),16 Set bit 4: Sam is on the phone
30483 LD L,211 Store the phone's identifier at 32723
30485 LD (HL),E
30486 JR NZ,30495 Jump if the phone is ringing
30488 LD A,2 Subtract $2 from Sam's cash supply
30490 CALL 28300
30493 JR 30501
Sam has picked up a telephone that is ringing.
30495 LD A,(23673) Collect the second byte of the FRAMES system variable, which is incremented every 5.12s
30498 LD L,153 Copy this byte to 32665
30500 LD (HL),A
30501 LD A,41 Message 41: 'I LIFTED THE PHONE '
This entry point is used by the unused routine at 31284 with A=39: 'I HUNG UP'.
30503 CALL 30154 Queue the message urgently
This entry point is used by the routine at 61923.
30506 LD H,230 230=Sam
30508 JP 60654 Make a sound effect
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