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F250: Make MR WACKER put the kids in detention
Used by command list 0x48. Builds a detention message (using a random noun and verb) and makes MR WACKER deliver it.
F250 LD A,($7FFF) A=leftmost column of the play area on screen
F253 CP $30 Is the stage off-screen to the right?
F255 RET C Return if so
F256 CP $58 Is the stage off-screen to the left?
F258 RET NC Return if so
F259 CALL $6291 A=random number
F25C LD DE,$7F8C Point DE at the first byte of message 0x0A, which will be the verb
F25F LD L,A Save the random number in L briefly
F260 AND $07 Store the verb message number (0x90, 0x91, 0x92, 0x93, 0x94, 0x95, 0x96 or 0x97) at 7F8C
F262 ADD A,$90
F264 LD (DE),A
F265 LD A,L Restore the random number to A
F266 RRCA Set A to another random number from 0 to 7
F269 AND $07
F26B LD E,$8E Point DE at the first byte of message 0x0B, which will be the noun
F26D ADD A,$98 Store the noun message number (0x98, 0x99, 0x9A, 0x9B, 0x9C, 0x9D, 0x9E or 0x9F) at 7F8E
F26F LD (DE),A
F270 LD E,$60 Message 0x60: YOU'RE ALL IN DETENTION...
F272 LD BC,$6A08 Redirect control to the routine at 6A08 (make character speak) and then return to F278 (below)
F275 CALL $639F
Control of MR WACKER resumes here when he has finished delivering the detention message.
F278 EX DE,HL Save MR WACKER's character number in D briefly
F279 LD HL,$7F80 Reset bit 6 (ERIC no longer has to be in the assembly hall) and bit 7 (the kids can stand up now) at 7F80
F27C RES 7,(HL)
F27E RES 6,(HL)
F280 NOP
F281 NOP
F282 NOP
F283 NOP
F284 LD L,$E4 Set the MSB of the lesson clock to 1 so that the bell will ring soon
F286 LD (HL),$01
F288 EX DE,HL Restore MR WACKER's character number (0xC8) to H
F289 JP $638C Move to the next command in the command list
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