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F000: Control EINSTEIN during class
Used by command lists 0x52, 0x54 and 0x56. Controls EINSTEIN from the moment after he sits down until the lesson ends.
F000 LD A,($7F80) Bit 3 of 7F80 is set by the routine at F017 when it's EINSTEIN's turn to speak in class; is it his turn now?
F003 BIT 3,A
F005 RET Z Return if not
F006 LD BC,$6A0B Direct control of EINSTEIN to the routine at 6A0B (make character speak) and then return to F00C (below)
F009 CALL $639F
F00C LD L,$03 Reset the address of the primary command routine in bytes 0x03 and 0x04 of EINSTEIN's buffer from F00C to F000
F00E LD (HL),$00
F010 LD HL,$7F80 Signal: EINSTEIN has finished speaking
F013 RES 3,(HL)
F015 RET
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