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7400: Calculate appropriate coordinates for a message box
Used by the routines at 7414, 74C8 and F4CC. Returns with the coordinates of the messenger's head in DE.
H Messenger's character number (0xC8-0xCD)
7400 LD L,$01 Point HL at byte 0x01 of the character's buffer
7402 LD E,(HL) E=character's x-coordinate
7403 INC E E=x-coordinate of the character's head
7404 DEC L L=0x00
7405 LD A,(HL) A=character's animatory state
7406 AND $07 Keep only bits 0-2
7408 CP $06 Set the zero flag if the character is sitting on the floor
740A LD A,$00 The y-coordinate offset should be 0 if the character is standing
740C JR NZ,$740F Jump if character is standing
740E INC A A=1 (one level lower if the character is sitting on the floor)
740F LD L,$02 Point HL at byte 0x02 of the character's buffer
7411 ADD A,(HL) Add the character's y-coordinate and the offset
7412 LD D,A D=y-coordinate of the character's head
7413 RET
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